Sailor fountain pen

A fountain pen embodies delicacy and finesse in writing. Its most notable attribute lies in the nuanced writing experience facilitated by its nib, crafted by splitting a small piece of metal into two. The nib's responsiveness to pressure generates elasticity, culminating in a refined writing sensation. This instrument serves as a canvas for the user's personality to be expressed through writing.

Internationally acclaimed 21K gold nibs.

The 21K gold nib is the fruit of Sailor Pen’s proprietary craftsmanship.

21K gold is more flexible than 14K and 18K gold which are commonly used in fountain pen nibs, so even when heavy writing pressure is applied, the slit in the nib will not open up, better preventing the ink from drying out. Our 21K gold nibs glide with supple grace across paper with constantly stable ink flow, so the writer can enjoy superb comfort known as the “feather’s touch”. Indulge in the supple writing pleasure and enjoy an authentic fountain pen experience. 

The saga of Sailor fountain pens commenced with the visionary founder, Kyugoro Sakata, who was struck by a profound sense of wonder upon his inaugural encounter with a fountain pen. Back then, these writing instruments were exotic imports, yet under Sakata's pioneering zeal, they became ambassadors of Japan's renowned craftsmanship and artistic sensibilities, permeating across the globe.

From its inception in 1911 within the bustling confines of Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Sailor fountain pens, adorned with their flagship brands, have been meticulously crafted by the skilled hands of artisans at the Hiroshima factory.

Master functional beauty, create sensibility-inspiring instruments.

The legacy of passion and the relentless pursuit of perfection in Sailor fountain pen craftsmanship endure through the ages.

Sailor’s fountain pens are by our factory in Kure, Hiroshima. Kure is a port city that has a long-accepted continental culture as the main transportation artery. The history of its development and the technological capabilities that have been constantly refined today’s world is parallel to the land characteristics of Kure. The fountain pen, an imported product a century ago, will be transmitted from here to the world with Japan’s high technological capabilities and aesthetic sense by the pioneering spirit of Kyugoro Sakata.