2 acco oimatsu Akiko Oimatsu

Akiko Oimatsu, who runs 2 acco oimatsu, is a creator who handles everything from design, sewing, display, and sales herself.

One of her unique characteristics is that her creations are one-of-a-kind.

Her encounter with high quality materials and her heart for each individual, which she experienced in her family's haute couture business, lead to the fusion of high quality materials and the comfort of use.The avant-garde creations that she experienced afterwards bring a sense of breadth and inclusiveness to her work.

Please enjoy this one-of-a-kind "2" world. 

The materials used in products are "Nishijin obi" woven in Kyoto and “Kinkazan-ori" from Wakayama Prefecture, which is used for the interior of the National Diet Building in Japan.

The obi is made with silver threads to express a lucky pattern of arrow and feathers, while the undulating Kinkazan-ori is made with a sophisticated technique of double weaving and then cutting the center of the weave.

After each material is combined, accents are added with art buttons, and obijime is used for the handles. (Some pieces are finished in Kinkazan.)  

2 acco oimatsu's atelier is located in an area surrounded by nature, including mountains, parks, and rivers in Tokyo.

In the garden attached to the atelier, she carefully nurtures trees and flowers that change with the seasons.

The colors of the plants, the wonder of their growth process, and the beautiful and reliable singing of birds are daily inspirations for her creations.

The brand's atelier exhibitions are held during the season when flowers are in full bloom, and the time spent enjoying tea in the garden with new creations is also very popular.