Various old indigo-dyed fabrics were used to produce unique old cloth beckoning cats and Daruma dolls from Seto pottery and papier-mache.

The old fabrics used for these products are indigo-dyed fabrics dyed using the traditional method of katazome. It takes a lot of time to select the right fabrics for use, as they are precious fabrics that are not made anymore, dyed with patterns designed in the Edo and Meiji periods. 

Each piece is hand-stitched by craftsmen who think about the combination of the old fabric patterns to match the shape.

It is a one-of-a-kind work of art that invites good fortune.



Daruma is an "O ever youthful, O ever weeping" wanderer, pursuing his ideals and freely following his own path.

A practitioner who has endured hardship and attained enlightenment, the indomitable Daruma is also a symbol of good luck for the New Year. The wave pattern on the four sides is based on the traditional Japanese design Aoyama-nami.



Established on 16 June 2016 in Tokyo, AOYAMA DARUMA is dedicated to researching objects that change over time, such as indigo dyeing, persimmon tannin dyeing, leather, silver, brass...

We hope that the products bearing our logo will walk with you for the next ten or twenty years.

Our concept is 'one-of-a-kind', ‘for one’s lifetime' and 'enjoy aging with different materials'.

We make a combination of sophisticated and quality materials.

Unlike regular fashion brands, we do not present new products twice every year.

We will continue to focus on development, utilizing traditional craft techniques while increasing the variety of tasteful materials and goods, with the hope that our products will be used for a lifetime and not be influenced by fashion trends.

The more you use our products, the more you become attached to them. In this age of mass production and mass consumption, we want to convey the Japanese lifestyle of 'valuing things' to people all over the world.