These accessories are made using stingray leather (galuchat) .

We make the most of the properties of "galuchat", which shines like a precious stone and is known as the jewel of the sea.

The boutonniere adds elegance to the neckline of a suit or jacket.

The coin case can be opened and closed from any of its four places, allowing you to enjoy the contrast of the two colors.

Although bow ties are a symbol of formal attire, they can also be used for casual wear.

"Be selfish. Live in style".

As a concept,We have discovered artisans living all over Japan, and our designs are sublimated into a beautiful range of products by their skills.

The series of accessories introduced at JMC is one such product, which uses stingray leather, the jewel of the sea, and the leather crafting techniques of a bag workshop in Toyooka that has been in existence for over 100 years.

In particular, the boutonnieres and bow ties made from stingray leather are unique products manufactured exclusively by our company.