the continue.

Upcycling ceramic pieces that were destined to be discarded as pottery waste.

"the continue." collects and crushes unwanted pottery waste from Bizen Pottery artists and ordinary households in Bizen, Okayama Prefecture, and mixes it with Bizen clay to create new products. 

The vessels, which do not use glazes or pigments, but draw their natural color from the iron content of the clay, have a simple, relaxed atmosphere. Think about the environment with a reborn cup or glass in your hand. These earth-friendly products are recommended as gifts for your loved ones. 

The project was launched in 2021 out of the desire to "do something to prevent more ceramic waste from being disposed of". Currently, "the continue." is developing the Rl-CO series, a brand of recycled ceramics that combines ceramic waste collected in-house with Bizen clay. 

The village of Bizen, Okayama Prefecture, is home to Bizen ware, one of Japan's most famous pottery products. A brand has been launched there to recycle ceramic waste that started there. This environmentally friendly product was made possible because Bizen ware does not use glaze.