Yamaguchi Kyujou

"Kazairin" is a small wind chime with a lively sound.

The origin of the wind chime is said that aristocrats in the Heian period hung pure alloy bells under their eaves to ward off plague and misfortune, which were believed to be carried by the wind.

Based on this historical background, Kazarin was produced for the Covid-19 disaster with the wish to ward off plague and disease. The hand-bent frames and hanging orins are filled with traditional techniques.

Established 1907. A manufacturer of Buddhist altars in Takaoka, Toyama. The company is pursuing various forms of orin in order to make the extended sound of the orin more familiar to people. 

Takaoka copperware is a traditional craft in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. Due to the region's large Buddhist population, Buddhist altarware has been produced since the mid-Edo period, and eventually flourished as a local industry in Takaoka, where a variety of casting artisans are gathered.

The strength of Takaoka as a production centre lies in the fact that the craftsmen who are commissioned can be varied according to the product, as each of them specializes in a different copper alloy technique.