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Handmade Temari

Handmade Temari

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Delicate handwork in a small cotton ball

  • Temari carefully selected by Japanese traditional craftsmen
  • All one-of-a-kind, kaleidoscopic beauty
  • Cotton threads are dyed with plants and trees and produced with natural materials

In Japan, aristocratic women used to play with Temari, handmade handballs. Although we do not see such a scene now, The manufacturing process of them is carefully passed down from generation to generation.

The cotton threads are dyed with plants and trees, and each stitch is gently wrapped around the hand, creating a kaleidoscope of beauty. You can feel the warmth and richness born from the blessings of nature and handwork.

The Sanuki Kagari Temari atelier preserves the culture of Temari, which is disappearing from daily life, and adds new charm to it as a craft. We propose a new way to enjoy Temari in everyday life.

We hope you will enjoy the colorful, soft and elegant Temari in your daily life.

Triangles and flowers 

Four kinds of triangular Botan chrysanthemums are blooming among the leaves, and chrysanthemums dyed with Madder, Cochineal, Indigo, and Safflower are daintily blooming on four sides.

Diamonds and flowers

Red Temari is made of only yarn dyed with madder root, Blue Temari is made of only indigo-dyed yarn, and the traditional Japanese colors are expressed in a new way to create a three-dimensional sense of Temari.

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  • Material: rice husk, thin paper, cotton thread
  • Size of Triangle and Flowers: diameter 7.7 × circumference 24 cm (3” × 9.4”)
  • Size of Diamonds and Flowers: diameter 7.7 × circumference 24 cm (3” × 9.4”)


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