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The only company in the world finishing all processes in-house       

Makita Shoten ("shoten" means "shop" in Japanese), established 150 years ago at the foot of Mt. Fuji continues to weave beautiful umbrella fabrics that have been recognized by the Japanese imperial family. It is the only long-established textile factory in the world that produces everything from Jacquard weave fabric to umbrella assembly in-house.

Everyone needs an umbrella on a rainy day. However, at the end of the day, we often see cheap umbrellas left on the train or on the side of the road. In this age, we want to continue to use high-quality products instead of disposable ones. we should possess umbrellas made by Makita Shoten which are finished by skilled craftsmen one by one with care and attention.

It takes three to four months to complete one umbrella, The quality and overwhelming beauty of these umbrellas are like a work of art beyond what we know. 

"Customer satisfaction is prioritized over sales volume"

Makita Shoten started its business as a Kai silk wholesaler in Yamanashi Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

The company began by producing silk fabrics and accepting orders from other companies' brands, but in 2010, it began producing its own original brand of umbrellas. Makita Shoten has changed while flexibly responding to the trends of the times and taking on new challenges, but one thing that has always remained unchanged is its manufacturing rooted in the local community.

Our corporate philosophy states, "First of all, we must act in a way that does not lead to sales supremacy". We also think and act for the revitalization of the textile industry in the local area.

Furthermore, we must always think of our products and services from the customer's point of view, create products based on that thinking, and have our customers be satisfied with their purchases.

Although it is a small region, many craftsmen's hands are involved in the weaving of fabrics and the production of umbrellas, A production area where people can see each other's faces can create a relationship that leads to better products. I believe this is the reason why we have been able to continue making products in the region.

Yoichi Makita, the sixth generation of Makita Shoten's managing director, said.

Previously, Makita Shoten's main business was subcontracting. Feeling a sense of crisis due to the recession caused by the Lehman Shock and the unstable state of the company, which was influenced by the convenience of its suppliers, They decided to develop its own products.

A single umbrella conveying the character of a person

An episode of a family illustrates its quality.

A mother gave her son our umbrella as a gift to celebrate his employment. When the son open the umbrella over his head, his boss who went out with him praised it very much, and the mother was very happy. It made me proud to be able to provide umbrellas that bring smiles to people's faces.

Even the umbrella you carry conveys something about who you are as a person. As such an item that expresses who you are, the quality of the umbrella is very important.

A umbrella made from Threads

The most attractive feature of Makita Shoten's umbrellas is their beautiful woven fabric, The fabric is woven by interlacing fine threads dyed with natural water from Mt. Fuji. It has a three-dimensional and luxurious feel, and the difference from printed fabrics is obvious at a glance.

The eye-catching and unique design is also something that only Makita can create, Makita Shoten is the only company in Japan (and possibly the world) that can weave a free pattern that straddles the triangle of the umbrella. They are committed to designs that can only be expressed by weaving.

For about 150 years since the Edo period, Makita Shoten has been producing and selling "woven" products. Makita Shoten has been taking on new challenges without fear of change. 

Makita says of his original fabric production.

We would like to go beyond the domestic market and send the expression we can achieve with our technology overseas.

We will continue to produce "one that you will want to spend your life with" while loving and being loved by the local community.

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