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Jet Black Fan

Jet Black Fan

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Cooling off from severe heat, timeless accessory for adults.

  • Made of "Ro" silk fabric used for summer kimonos
  • Beautiful jet-black color dyed by black dyeing craftsmen in Kyoto
  • The transparency is cool and elegant, and is a taste for adults with class and elegance


A fan that reduces the summer heat while maintaining elegance. Easy to use for both men and women, this stylish yet graceful appearance will elevate the summer attire of adults.

The fabric is made of ro silk, which is used for summer kimonos and priests' robes, and its transparency is very cool. The neatness of the weave creates an elegant atmosphere.

Black dyeing by craftsmen that stands out for its beauty

The beautiful and graceful black color is carefully dyed by black dyeing craftsmen in Kyoto.

"Black dyeing" is used for Tomesode kimono. The black color for Tomesode should not be shallow or mixed with other colors. It must be "true black," which requires specialized craftsmanship.

However, there are only one or two black-dyeing shops that specialize in this field in Kyoto.

This fan is dyed not only from the front but also from the back by a black-dyeing craftsman who specializes in dyeing hand-painted Yuzen kimono. The beautiful jet-black color is thus characterized by its evenness.

silk fabric is used

Transparent "Ro" silk fabric is used.

Comes with fan cover and in a special box

Comes with fan cover and in a special box

place of production


  • Size: length 22.5 (8.9”) × 2.5 (1”) × 1.6 (0.6”) cm (in closed)
  • Weight: 38 g (0.08 libs)
  • Fabric material: silk


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