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Soy Sause "PARIS"

Soy Sause "PARIS"

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It will change the perception of soy sauce

  • The finest soy sauce produced in the birthplace of soy sauce in Japan
  • Limited production of 200 bottles, deep flavor of 3.5 years of brewing
  • Enhances the flavor of food such as sashimi

Soy sauce is loved all over the world. Its birthplace in Japan is located in Wakayama Prefecture.

Kadocho, which was founded in this area in the Edo period (1603-1867) and exhibited at the Paris Expo in the 19th century, created “Paris”, a soy sauce produced in a limited edition of 200 bottles.

Soy sauce "Paris" uses soybeans, wheat, salt, water, and koji malt, and has a deep taste with no chemical seasoning, coloring, preservatives, or alcohol added.

The bottle design of "Paris" is a reproduction of the original design that Kadocho exhibited at the Paris Expo in 1900. The soy sauce itself is a further selection of Kadocho's finest line of soy sauce.

The ingredients for “Paris” are soybeans from Okayama Prefecture, wheat from Gifu Prefecture, sun-dried salt from Australia, and water from the Yamada River that runs near Kadocho's brewery. The brewing process has remained unchanged since the company's founding.

Steamed soybeans and roasted and crushed wheat are mixed with koji malt and allowed to propagate. After the koji malt have propagated, it is placed in large cedar barrels and carefully aged for three and a half years.

The soy sauce is aged for more than twice as long as normal soy sauce, and only the clear top layer of the soy sauce is scooped out and bottled as “Paris”.

Try the ultimate soy sauce, bottled by the head of Kadocho himself whenever he receives an order.

place of production


  • Ingredients: soybeans (Japan), wheat (Japan), salt (Australia) and water
  • Best before: 1 year after shipment
  • Volume of content: 720 ml (24.3 us fl oz)

○Care Precautions

  • Keep refrigerated after opening


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