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Hagiyaki Mug

Hagiyaki Mug

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Mugs with a distinctive rounded shape

Each mug is carefully crafted by a potter in his studio, giving it the warmth of Hagiyaki pottery.

"It is just the right size for drinking a cafe latte with a home coffee maker" said potter Zen-emon Sakakura with a smile. It is also easy to use, and will transform your usual coffee into a deeper taste. This Hagiyaki cup with its dignified appearance is glazed with red shale, the original stone of the Akama inkstone, a traditional craft of Yamaguchi Prefecture. The slight shimmer of gold in the jet-black color gives it a lustrous beauty and elegance.

This fusion of Akama inkstone and Hagiyaki was created by the ceramic artist Zen-emon Sakakura, who was fascinated by the texture of the Akama inkstone and wanted to reproduce it. The contrast between the jet-black color of the Akama inkstone and the pale white of the inkstone is beautiful, and simply looking at it is a luxury.

It is a piece that elevates the everyday life to a higher level.

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  • Size: width 11.5 × depth 8 × height 8.5 cm / 4.5” × 3.1” × 3.3”  


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