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Hagiyaki Bevelled Teacup

Hagiyaki Bevelled Teacup

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Hagiyaki cup for a variety of uses

Zen-emon Sakakura painstakingly creates each teacup one by one upon receiving an order. This impressive teacup with a pale pink gradation is a soft and rustic piece with the warmth of clay, which is typical of Hagiyaki. The gentle atmosphere created will calm your mind just by looking at it.

The diagonally bevelled shape fits well in the hand and is very easy to hold. Each piece is cut by wire, and because it is handmade, the shape differs slightly. Also, the color of the finished piece may accidentally change. This phenomenon is called "kiln alteration," and is a change in color or pattern caused by the nature of the flame in the kiln or the substances contained in the glaze. This phenomenon is also called "accidental coloring," and it gives the piece a deeper atomosphere.

The creator of a piece of pottery does not know what color it will be until it is removed from the kiln, which is the deepest part of pottery. No two pieces are alike.
Hagiyaki is a traditional craft that can be enjoyed for its changing appearance over time. As it is used, small cracks appear on the surface and the color changes.
Why not keep it with you for a long time and feel the spirit of wabi and sabi?

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  • Size: width 7.5 × depth 7.5 × height 7.5 cm / 2.9” × 2.9” × 2.9”  


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