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Scented Hooking Small Temari

Scented Hooking Small Temari

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Swinging room fragrance

  • Room fragrance made with Japanese traditional handballs
  • Natural fragrances formulated by a long-established company in Kyoto are used
  • Can be hooked onto doorknobs, etc

Hooking Temari is a Japanese incense that gives off a subtle fragrance.

The string attached to it allows it to be hung from a clothes hanger or doorknob, or hung on a hook as a fine interior decoration for your room.

Since the hanging incense is made of 12 small Temaris containing incense along with rice husks and the inner cavity also contains incense material, the fragrance can usually be enjoyed for more than one year.

Only natural ingredients are used for the fragrance, which is specially blended by Yamadamatsu Kobokuten in Kyoto, in order to stick to the traditional Japanese fragrance.

To make Temari, a highly skilled traditional technique is required, as cotton thread must be wound around a core to form a true ball of the same size using only the senses of the hand.

The cotton threads are dyed with plants and trees, and each hand-stitched Temari is gently wrapped around the core, creating a kaleidoscope of beauty. Please enjoy them in your daily life.

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  • Material: Natural incense material, rice husk, thin paper, cotton thread
  • Box Size: 37 × 6 × 6 cm (14.6” × 2.4” × 2.4”), including string.


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