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Room Shoes "Reela"

Room Shoes "Reela"

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Leather Type

Wooden molding for beautiful shape and comfort

  • Made of Japanese genuine leather, handcrafted by artisans throughout the entire process
  • Molded using a wooden frame for an excellent fit
  • Adopted by luxury hotels and residences

Made of high-quality Japanese cowhide leather, Reela has a snug fit but like leather shoes, it adapts to the shape of your feet as you wear it, so you can wear it for a long time regardless of the season.

The heel has a thick cushion, and the lining, insole, and outsole are made of brushed artificial leather, so it naturally contours your bare feet and is hard to slip on and off. This means that there is no stress even when wearing them for long periods of time.
And because Reela is designed to allow your feet to go deep into the slipper, they do not make flapping noises, and you can go up and down stairs easily.

Reela is manufactured by Yamato Corporation, a sandal manufacturer located in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, which has been manufacturing sandals since its establishment in 1963. 

Reela shoes are all made in Japan. A small group of craftsmen, mostly veterans with decades of experience, work at the manufacturing plant in the city.

The unique feature of the shoes is that it is molded using a wooden form for good comfort. This is what sets them apart from other sandal manufacturers. Because of the labor involved, Reela shoes cannot mass produce and it takes one week to finish a pair. The process of putting in a wooden form is not easy. Competitors have tried to replicate the process and failed.

For the uppers of shoes, natural leather (cowhide) made in Japan is used. While artificial leather and vinyl materials can be cut by layering several pieces of fabric, natural leather can only be cut one piece at a time. For this reason, Reela is made carefully and painstakingly one pair at a time.

Reela was created with the aim of creating a comfortable and secure fit that feels almost barefoot, and when you try them on, you will be surprised at how softly they wrap around your toes and heel.

Today, Reela shoes are adopted not only at home, but also in luxury hotels, high-class inns, and model rooms of luxury residences as a hospitality item for guests.

Image of wearing silver

Image of wearing silver

Cushioning in the heel absorbs shock

black, silver

From left to right: black, silver


place of production


  • Materials: cowhide, artificial leather

 ○Care precautions

  • Please refrain from wearing them outdoors, as they are for indoor use only.
  • Please note that prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause discoloration.
  • Please avoid using the shoes in places with high temperature and humidity. Since natural materials are used for the instep, please use a cleaner (spray exclusively for brushed materials) that is suitable for each material.


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