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Pearl Necklace "The Five Seas"

Pearl Necklace "The Five Seas"

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The only one necklace with pearls from all over the world

  • Uses Akoya baby pearls from Ise-Shima, Mie Prefecture in Japan
  • Only high-quality pearls are used, one by one, with the luster and shape selected
  • Drilling holes and other processing to prevent small baby pearls from breaking requires more advanced technology than large pearls


Do you know the birthplace of pearl cultivation? Actually, it is in Ise-Shima, Japan.

Around 1900, Kokichi Mikimoto (founder of Mikimoto) created pearl cultivation techniques, which were later passed on to Tahiti, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries around the world.

This work was created by Mr. Deguchi, a jewelry designer from Ise-Shima, as a tribute to his ancestors who introduced pearl cultivation technology from Ise-Shima to the rest of the world.

The baby Akoya pearls from Ise-Shima, which are now rare, are connected with keshi pearls from the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and Tahiti, and were created in memory of the transmission of culture, people-to-people relationships, and love as well as technology from Ise-Shima.

Especially, Akoya pearls are only used in naturals with good color brilliance, and beautiful blue, yellow, and white colors can be seen.

The color, shape, and layout of the pearls are asymmetrical so that they line up beautifully when worn in two or three strands.

・About Keshi pearls

Generally, cultivated pearls are made by placing a round nucleus in a pearl oyster. Keshi pearls are created when the nacreous layer is accidentally wrapped around something in the process. Because they are naturally nucleus-free, even though they are smaller than ordinary pearls, they take a long time to grow and no two pearls have the same shape.

place of production


  • Material: Akoya pearls made in Ise-Shima, white keshi pearls, black keshi pearls, and SV925 clasp
  • Length: 128 cm (50.4”)


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