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Pearl Necklace "Pastel"

Pearl Necklace "Pastel"

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The brilliance of rare pearls 

This necklace is laid out in a gradation from Akoya pearls of Ise-Shima to golden pearls of the Philippines and keshi pearls of Indonesia and Australia.

The beautiful pastel tones will brighten up your neck.

・About Keshi pearls

Generally, cultivated pearls are made by placing a round nucleus in a pearl oyster. Keshi pearls are created when the nacreous layer is accidentally wrapped around something in the process. Because they are naturally nucleus-free, even though they are smaller than ordinary pearls, they take a long time to grow and no two pearls have the same shape.

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  • Material: akoya pearls, white pearls, white keshi pearls and SV925 clasp
  • Length: 78cm (30.7”) 


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