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Galaxy Glaze Pottery Large Plate

Galaxy Glaze Pottery Large Plate

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A perfect party dish that showcases food beautifully

  • No two are alike, beautiful patterns
  • Microwave and oven safe
  • Highly acclaimed around the world and awarded at the Louvre exhibition

This beautiful plate has a pattern that looks like twinkling stars.

Creator Tetsuaki Nakao says,

Coffee cups, plates, and other tableware are used to put food on or pour drinks into, so we make them with the image of what they will look like with something inside. I do not consider a piece of tableware to be complete by itself, but only when you actually use it with food or drink.
I am also conscious of the Japanese food culture. In Japan, people often eat by holding the container in their hands. I place importance on the lightness of the dishes so that they do not feel heavy when they hold them, and the feeling of the dishes when they put them to their mouth.


place of production

  • Size: diameter 30 × height 3.5 cm / 11.8” × 1.4 
  • Weight: 850 - 1090 g / 1.87 - 2.4 lbs


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  • Shipped in a wooden box.

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