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Galaxy Glaze Pottery Flower Vase "Sorori"

Galaxy Glaze Pottery Flower Vase "Sorori"

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Looks good even without flowers

This flower vase looks as if it is clothed in the night sky with twinkling stars. Although this flower vase is used at Japanese tea ceremonies, it is beautiful enough even without flowers. The creator, Tetsuaki Nakao, says,

A hanaire (flower vase) is something that can be used even without flowers. We make vases that look good even without flowers in them. When flowers are placed in the vase, the vase will look as if it is making the most of the flowers, and I have tried to create a vase that looks great on its own as well.

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  • Size: bottom diameter 11.6 × height 31 cm/4.6” × 12.2 


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