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Champagne Cooler "Wave"

Champagne Cooler "Wave"

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Assembled without glue or nails

  • 15 wooden boards assembled without glue or nails
  • Beautiful organic curves
  • Traditional Japanese wooden bucket manufacturing method

The technique of making wooden buckets was introduced to Japan from China in the Muromachi period, about 700 years ago. Nakagawa Wood Crafts produces beautiful white wooden products such as sushi tubs and ohitsu (rice bowls) using the traditional techniques handed down from that time.

It was in 2003 that Shuji Nakagawa, the third-generation master of the company, opened his atelier on the shore of Lake Biwa. Since then, he has continued to create innovative pieces rich in design, such as the champagne cooler approved by the world-famous champagne maker in 2010, which has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad.

Wave, a beautifully curved champagne cooler, is created by a combination of design and technology: using computer aided design, about 15 boards are cut, shaved, and fitting them together in a process that takes two full days to complete for a single piece. A hoop is placed at the bottom of the boards to act as a fulcrum, and the force of the bottom board to spread out is converted into a force to tighten the top of the piece. A signature feature is the polygonal shape of the hoop.

Most wooden buckets are round in shape because of the principle of arch structure, and the polygonal Wave is based on the same principle. The polygon is regarded as a set of circles of different sizes, and is stabilized by arranging the center points of adjacent circles of different sizes in a straight line. In this way, Wave, which appears to be created freely and sensuously, has a shape backed by precise calculation and logic.

Triangles, squares, and pentagon-shaped pieces can also be made to order. It is up to the you to decide what to put in them, even if it is not champagne. Please enjoy for any purpose you can imagine.

place of production


  • Size (Triangle): 285 × 180 × height 232 mm
  • Size (Square): 275 × 255 × height 232 mm
  • Size (Pentagon): 260 × 240 × height 232 mm
  • Materials: yew plum pine, nickel silver and brass


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