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Manmaru (Round Shape) Pot

Manmaru (Round Shape) Pot

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Making leaves dance to bring out the flavor

  • Heat-resistant glass that is highly durable and resistant to odor transfer
  • Form design maximizes the flavor of tea leaves
  • Beautiful design with glass and brass appearance

A glass pot with a lovely round shape. The golden brass handle complements the transparent glass, giving it an elegant and sophisticated look. The cuteness makes you want to put it in a place where you can see it in your room. The handle is set to draw a beautiful arch upward without tilting.

Constructed from heat-resistant glass, the same material as glassware used as laboratory equipment such as beakers and flasks. Therefore, it is resistant to temperature differences, so it is hard to break, and odor and discoloration resistant.

Mr. Tokuma of Niigata Prefecture's glass workshop Craft You melts, molds and processes each pot with a burner flame.

After experimenting with various materials such as stainless steel and copper, he chose brass, which changes color with use.

Mr. Tokuma creates simple and easy-to-use works while adding ingenuity that is unique to artisanal production that cannot be done with mass production.

The secret to brewing delicious black tea is jumping tea leaves

Not only does it look cute, this pot is made to maximize the flavor of the tea leaves and make it especially delicious.

Have you ever seen "jump" of tea leaves?

Jumping occurs when boiling water is poured into a teapot containing black tea leaves, after which the tea leaves jump up and down in the pot or move around. Jumping brings out the aroma and flavor of the tea leaves and makes a very delicious brew.

One of the important points for achieving this jumping motion is the shape of the pot. This round shape maximizes the convection space and is designed to be suitable for jumping tea leaves with an ample amount of hot water.

The transparent glass makes it easy to see the tea leaves inside, and it's fun to watch the tea leaves dance in the pot.

arched handles

Beautifully arched handles

Japanese artisans

Handcrafted by Japanese artisans

Designed to enhance the flavor of tea leaves

Designed to enhance the flavor of tea leaves

tea strainer

Attached tea strainer


Designed so that the lid does not fall off when pouring

place of production


  • Material: 
    Body and Lid: Heat-resistant glass
    Handle: brass
    Strainer: stainless steel
  • Approximate Size:
    0.5L: Width 130 mm (5.1”)/Depth 108 mm (4.3”)/Height 205 mm (8.1”)
    1L: Width 160 mm (6.3”)/Depth 135 mm (5.3”)/Height 233 mm (9.2”)
  • Approximate Weight
    0.5L: 225 g (0.5 lb)
    1L: 285 g (0.6 lb)


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    ○Care Precautions

    • The brass handle is not designed to be removed.
    • Do not put the pot in direct fire, in a microwave oven.  Hand wash only – not dishwasher proof.
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