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Small Broom

Small Broom

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Rod Type and dustpan

Sweeps up residue left by the vacuum cleaner

  • High cost performance as it can be used for 20 years
  • Uneven tips that sweep debris deep into mats and carpets
  • Natural environmentally friendly broom using silk threads dyed with natural materials

Many of you may have given up on cleaning dust and debris you suddenly noticed with a vacuum cleaner for the following reasons.

- Your child has just gone to bed and you don't want to make a loud noise.

- Can't reach the vacuum cleaner in places that are too small or too high.

- Dust and debris are tangled in carpets and are difficult to remove.

At such times, we would like to remind you of the broom. We would like to introduce you to the Small Broom made of organic dyed yarn, which can be used for more than 20 years if used properly, aiming to be a broom that returns to the soil.

The Small Broom comes in two types of rods: a white wood rod, which gives the broom the warmth of wood, and a "dry lacquer" rod, which has the antiseptic properties of lacquer, prevents slipping, and reduces the appearance of hand stains.

The broom with a dry-lacquer rod has a more frizzy tip than the white-wood broom, and because of the scarcity of this material, only a few dozen of these brooms can be produced each year, allowing them to shovel out more debris.

The characteristics of the Small Broom are as follows.

- Unevenly long ear tips

Many broomsticks have trimmed tips, which require a forceful push to sweep debris deep into mats and carpets, but the uneven length of the tip of the small broom eliminates the need for this. For this reason, they are said to hold up well on mats and other surfaces.

- Less prone to static electricity

Have you ever had the experience of leaving dust on a broom and then picking it off with your hand? Static electricity is the cause. Small brooms made from broom corn are resistant to static electricity, which prevents dust from accumulating inside the broom.

- The slanted tip of the broom allows it to be handled with one hand and still be in contact with the surface to be cleaned.

The key to using a Small Broom is to sweep lightly with the tip of the brush using your wrist without exerting force. To ensure long use of the broom, please avoid the following three points.

    1. Do not knock objects with the broom and do not insert it into crevices.
    1. Do not cut the tip of the ear.
    1. Do not use too much force.

    Use the broom in both directions as much as possible, as using the broom only in the same direction will result in a habit of sticking. When not in use, hang it from a nail or hang it up, or stand it with the tip of the ear up.

    Nambu Broom is made from broom corn grown in Kunohe Village, Iwate Prefecture. The tip of the broom has a unique frizz that allows the broom to penetrate into the crevices of tatami mats and carpets to sweep away fine dust and dirt.

    Nambu Broom is made from broom corn grown completely without pesticides and carefully woven with silk threads by skilled craftsmen, so it is environmentally friendly and can be used for a long time.

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        • Material: broom corn, silk thread
        • Size: length 80 × width 20 cm (31.5” × 7.9”)


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