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KOMA Photo frame  

KOMA Photo frame  

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An efficient investment enhancing quality of life

  • Smart design that fits in any place.
  • Self-standing photo frame without back stand
  • Made of high-grade walnut wood

The function is only to store a single photo. However, that one picture which you look at while working, before going to bed, or when you wake up may give you one more push or heal you.

So, photo frames might be affordable investments that can help improve Quality Of Life (QOL). we came across KOMA's photo frames in my search for a quality product with a simple design that fits in various places.

*KOMA -Furniture workshop that Shigeki Matsuoka, who was honored as a "Contemporary Master Craftsman" in 2020, serves as a master craftsman.


The shape is stoically freestanding and the material is walnut on both the front and back. It features a simple look with no back stand. The casually designed inner dimension of the frame is very cool (this design is not only on the front, but also on the back).

 Since it is secured by magnets and has no clasps, there are no unnecessary items visible, and at the same time, it is easy to exchange photos. Wooden and compact in size, it looks great at home or on a desk in an office. Also recommended as a gift.




  • Size (S): External dimensions: 135 mm (width) x 45 mm (depth) x 135 mm (height)

    ・Photo size: 89 x 89 mm (L-size photo (89 x 127 mm) is the size to be cut and  displayed)

    ・Window size: 83 x 83 mm

  • Size (L): External dimensions: 135 mm (width) x 45 mm (depth) x 172 mm (height)

    ・Photo size: 89 x 127 mm (L-size photo can be displayed as it is)

    ・Window size: 83 x 120 mm

  • Materials: walnut tree


  • We'll ship in 2 weeks.
  • Shipping fee is included in the product price.(If stock is out of stock, we can accept orders for custom-made products (production time: approx. 2 months).

○How to exchange photos

  • This product uses magnetic force to sandwich the photo between the push plate and the frame. By pressing the center of the push plate from the front with a finger, the push plate can be easily removed and replaced with a photo.


  • The grain, color, and other expressions vary from piece to piece. Please enjoy the individuality, expression, and change over time that only natural wood can provide.
  • There are slight individual differences in shape and size.
  • Although we use well-dried wood, there may be slight movement (such as warping or small misalignment of joints) due to the nature of natural wood. Please understand this in advance.





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