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URBAN SUN x Nishijin-ori Sneaker

URBAN SUN x Nishijin-ori Sneaker

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Italian luxury sneaker meeting Japanese traditional textile

  • Made by URBAN SUN, a company that makes sneakers for luxury brands
  • Original Nishijin-ori (textile) pattern adopted for the upper
  • Comfortable to wear with excellent hold

NISHIJIN means Nishijin textile, a traditional woven textile used for kimono obi. There have been cases where traditional manufacturing methods are expressed with modern items, but rarely are they attractive. That is because the traditional motif is used unchanged.

URBAN SUN × Nishijin-ori sneaker adopts the original motif. The camouflage pattern, which is available in two colors, orange and green, is an unprecedented motif in the history of Nishijin textiles. The silver x black saaya pattern is traditional, but it has been updated to look good on modern sneakers. While taking advantage of the vivid colors that are characteristic of Nishijin textile, the design has become suitable for the latest fashions.

While you could see many sloppy collaborations, this sneaker is made by Italian luxury sneaker brand URBAN SUN, in cooperation with Kyoto Kamiya Shokai, which manufactures and wholesales crafts using Nishijin textiles.

Unlike for flat kimono obi, the creation of sneakers requires a three-dimensional form that follows the shape of the foot. URBAN SUN and Kamiya Shokai were particular about the matching fabric without any compromise.

Actually, the development of this fabric was the most difficult part of the creation process. While the characteristic of Nishijin textile is to weave a fine pattern, the original design used too many colored threads, which made the fabric heavier and did not function optimally as a sneaker.

The difficulty almost led them to give up on the development at one stage, but after repeated trial and error, they reduced the number of colored threads from the original six, used thinner threads, and used threads that change color depending on the angle at which they are viewed, and after two sample-ups, they finally finished product made.

URBAN SUN's sneakers have a reputation for being "not tiring even if you wear them all day", Thanks to the Nishijin textile, durability has also been achieved.

Don't miss this rare collaboration of Japanese traditional techniques x luxury sneaker brand, created with such a high degree of perfection.

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  • Size: US 8 (EUR 41)/US 9 (EUR 43)/US 10 (EUR 45)
  • Upper material: polyester

○Care precautions

  • Although there are areas where the threads appear to be frayed, the double-stitched seams will not come undone or detach from the parts during normal use. If you are concerned about this, we recommend that you use thread cutting scissors to remove any loose threads.


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