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Silk Cashmere Stole "Frame" 

Silk Cashmere Stole "Frame" 

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Soft, light, smooth, and addictive texture

  • Took about six months to complete with very fine thread
  • Soft and light, with an elegant shine and smooth feel
  • Frame design with thick edges and sheer fabric

The Muto silk and cashmere stole, with its delicate threads woven to the point that some say they don't want to take it off even indoors, offers a meltingly soft touch that feels delightful.


It's a large stole that not only adds an accent to your neckline but also comes in handy when you're feeling a bit chilly or need protection against indoor air conditioning.


Silk and cashmere which is created by combining natural materials made from silkworm cocoons (silk) and yarn fibers from cashmere goats (cashmere), is distinguished by its elegant sheen and smooth texture above all.


Because you can experience the smooth texture of silk and the warmth of cashmere, you can use it throughout the year.


Among such silk cashmere products, Muto uses naturally ultra-fine threads, which are almost as thin as hair. This demands delicate weaving techniques.


Their craftsmanship and assured quality have been recognized by top fashion houses at the world's premier fabric exhibition in Paris, Première Vision.


The Frame series features a frame design that enhances the beauty of a single color.

Only the edges have thickness, while the center is woven to be see-through, giving it a simple appearance that conveys a high level of technical expertise.

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  • Material: silk 85% Cashmere15%
  • Size :200×110cm (78.7” × 43.3”)           


  • Please wash with using net.
  • When ironing, please use a cloth.
  • Be careful of catching items like earrings, belts, and zippers.
  • If left in a wet state for an extended period, there is a risk of color bleeding or fading.           


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