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Towel "Feel"

Towel "Feel"

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Three functions in one towel

  • Suitable for wiping hair, face, and body
  • Uses a special yarn has significantly higher absorbency
  • Lightweight and moderate volume, ideal for daily use

The feel towel has three different wiping sensations at the center and both ends of the towel.

The towels are made of a yarn (patent pending) originally developed by Muto, a textile manufacturer in Yamanashi Prefecture, which took about two years from the development of the towel's material. The cotton threads are coiled using a special technique, and the gap created by the expansion and contraction of the threads, like a spring, holds more water than usual, resulting in a towel with excellent absorbency.

The feel towel uses these unique yarns, and by changing the weave within a single towel, three different textures and fine absorbency are achieved. It is a versatile towel with three functions in one piece, something that did not seem possible.

Since the ends of the towel are often used to wipe hair and face after bathing, they have focused on a texture that is gentle to the skin, making the towel soft and fluffy with a moderate thickness. Both ends have different weave patterns, so you can wipe your face and hair as you like.

The center portion has a waffle weave to increase absorbency so that you can wipe your wet body immediately. It is characterized by its soft touch and outstanding absorbency.

Available in two sizes, the large size (60 x 120 cm) is very lightweight, and its moderately thin volume is perfect for daily use. You can choose from a total of five different colors, all of which are stylishly muted colors that blend in with your interior design.

feel towels have excellent functionality and design.

It is a towel made with the user in mind.

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  • Material: cotton
  • Size (small): 30 × 120 cm (11.8” × 47.2”)
  • Size (large): 60 × 120 cm (23.6” × 47.2”)


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