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Towel "Factory"

Towel "Factory"

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Outstanding absorbency by Muto's special yarn

  • Uses a special yarn with dramatically high absorbency
  • Fluffy to the touch and resistant to fluff
  • Collaboration with Imabari Towel, known for its high quality

The factory towel is ideal for daily use, with its thick volume and fluffy texture plus outstanding absorbency.

This towel is the result of a collaboration between Muto, a textile manufacturer in Yamanashi Prefecture that has developed its own special yarn, and the technology of Imabari-based Watanabe Pile Orimono Co. Muto's special yarn (patent pending), which took about two years to develop, is characterized by its strong stretchability. This makes the pile denser and increases the area in contact with the skin, resulting in much higher absorbency.

When you pull the towel slightly, you will feel a stretchiness not found in ordinary towels. This is the proof of the absorbency of Muto's special yarn.

Watanabe Pile Orimono, which collaborated with Muto this time, has been earnestly making towels in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, for more than 50 years. The company has been producing high quality Imabari towels by being particular about the selection of materials.

The well-known high quality of Imabari towels and special yarn that boasts outstanding absorbency are woven together by these two techniques. The basic design of this towel is perfect for daily use.

Two sizes are available: an easy-to-use face size (30 x 120 cm) and a bath size (60 x 120 cm). It is available in a total of five subdued colors.
The soft and fluffy volume, which does not fluff up easily after washing, is recommended as a gift.

Special yarn

Special yarn with excellent stretch and absorbency is used.

Basic colors

Basic colors for easy daily use


place of production


  • Material: cotton
  • Size (small): 30 × 120 cm (11.8” × 47.2”)
  • Size (large): 60 × 120 cm (23.6” × 47.2”)


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