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Towel "Fine"

Towel "Fine"

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Stole like towel can be used in multiple ways

  • Can also be used as a lap blanket or a stole
  • Finished with a fluffy yarn and weaving technique
  • Soft and warm fabric, perfect for gift-giving

This fine towel is decorated with fringe and looks like a stole.

The texture is soft to the touch and the yarn is sweet and thin, so it can be used in a variety of everyday situations, such as a lap towel, a woven blanket, or a child's nap towel.

This towel was made by Muto, a textile manufacturer in Yamanashi Prefecture, with the image of "wrapping your loved ones with gentleness" in mind, paying special attention to the threads.

The check weaving of thick and thin rough-twisted yarns creates gentle irregularities that enhance the smoothness of the fabric. The double weaving technique is used to create a fluffy fabric, and the texture is also woven in a gauze-like manner, so that the wearer can feel the soft warmth of the fabric when they put it on. 

The size is 70 x 120 cm, a large size that can be used in a wide range of ways. The light colors are available in a total of five colors.

This is a towel that is perfect as a gift, and is so thoughtful that you will want to gently drape it over your loved ones.

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  • Material: cotton
  • Size (small): 70 × 120 cm (27.6” × 47.2”)


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