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Stingray Money Clip

Stingray Money Clip

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Stingray leather with beautiful luster

This money clip is made of beautiful, glossy stingray leather with a shield motif. The magnetic clasp holds bills securely and can be easily stowed in a pocket.

Stingray is known as "jewel of the sea" because of its beautifully shining surface. It is characterized by a shiny beauty and a hard, tough, hard texture not found in other leather products.

It is said to be about 10 times stronger than cowhide, making it the strongest of all leathers, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant. It is also water-resistant, making it maintenance-free, another reason for its popularity.

Stingray is said to become more lustrous the more it is used. The shield scales on the leather surface are mainly composed of calcium phosphate, the same material as human teeth, which makes the luster stand out as it is polished by friction.

Such stingray is a highly rare material that is difficult to handle due to its strength, and is said to be handled only by a limited number of craftsmen. At Go One, skilled leather craftsmen in Japan create unique products.

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  • Material: Stingray leather (outside)/Calf leather (inside)
  • Size: 65 × 45 × thickness 10 mm (2.6” × 1.8” × thickness 0.4”)


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