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Unique glaze provides unparalleled color

The dripping look from the mouth of the cup and the gold accents under the foot accentuate the NAOKO HATA CERAMICS cup with a foot. The dripping glaze is created in the kiln, so no two cups are alike.

The gold leaf is melted and applied under the foot to create a contrast with the glaze. The result is a unique yet well-balanced artistic cup.

It is recommended not only for everyday use such as tea and coffee, but also as a sake cup that enlivens the mood.

NAOKO HATA CERAMICS is founded by Naoko Hata, a ceramic artist from Mie Prefecture. While her works are made using traditional techniques, the texture and color of the glazes she produces shine through her unique glaze formulas, which she has researched extensively.

The Melt series is characterized by the dramatic expressions created by the dripping glaze. Hata says that she was particular about the glaze mixing, "I was researching every day to see if I could create something unique in terms of glaze and color while retaining the texture of the pottery. For a potter, mixing glazes is a process of finding his own recipe. Researching glazes is still a part of my life's work". She continues to explore the charm of glazes, for which there is no right answer, on a daily basis.

Beautiful glaze

Beautiful glaze

test piece for glaze study

Test piece for glaze study

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  • Material: kaoline clay, gold leaf
  • Size: width 80 × height 94 mm (3.1” × 3.7”) 180g (0.4 lbs)
  • Each cup has a different glaze look.

○Care precautions

  • Cannot be microwaved or put in the oven


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