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Texture of pottery enhances the beauty of plants

As the name suggests, this flower vase is characterized by three-dimensional cracks reminiscent of White Earth.

The expression of the cracks varies with slight environmental changes, such as atmospheric temperature and kiln temperature, so no two are alike.

The three different colors that can be glimpsed through the cracks are all inspired by the earth.

Blue: Water trying to spring up from the depleted earth.
Red: The strength of the magma that lies dormant in the earth.
Gray: The cracked earth itself with a sense of sadness and strength.

The unique texture and feel of the pottery makes it look like a piece of art just by displaying it. The nature-inspired design enhances the beauty of flowers and plants.

NAOKO HATA CERAMICS is founded by Naoko Hata, a ceramic artist from Mie Prefecture. While her works are created using traditional techniques, the textures and colors created by her own unique glaze formulations, which she has researched over and over again, shine through.

In the White Earth series, the cracks created by the relationship between the glaze and the temperature of the kiln remind us of the vitality of the clay.
In addition to the normal production process of pottery, overglaze painting, which is done at a lower temperature, causes cracks to appear during the cooling process after firing due to the difference in shrinkage rate between the glaze and the base material.

"I wanted to preserve the texture of the pottery," says Hata, whose research into glaze formulation has resulted in works that convey both the fragility and power of nature.

Inspired by the earth, featuring a total of three beautiful colors.

Test pieces for glaze research

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  • Material: kaoline clay
  • Size: width 83 × height 179 mm (3.3” × 7”) 440g (0.97 lbs)
  • Each product has a different glaze look.


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