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Pet Brush

Pet Brush

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Broom brush to heal pets

  • The brush makes the enraptured face of your pet
  • Soft, frizzy tips condition and massage the hair
  • Brooms for cashmere sweaters improved for pets

If you want to keep your pet's hair clean but he/she doesn't like to be brushed, Takakura Kougei's pet brush is for you.  

The distinctive feature of this brush lies in its gentle bristles that caress the pet's skin without causing harm, enhancing the luster of the hair with a sensation akin to a massage.

This brush is also gentle on the delicate skin of dogs, which is said to be one-third the thickness of human skin.

This masterpiece is crafted by intertwining the tendrils of "broom corn" cultivated in the village of Kunohe, Iwate Prefecture, known for its elegantly and unevenly curled tips.

Originally renowned for its prowess in tending to the nap of cashmere sweaters and extracting dust from post-vacuumed carpets, this Nanbu Broom from Takakura Kogei has been meticulously tailored to serve the purpose of pet grooming.

Features of Takakura Kogei’s Pet Brush

Unlike a comb brush, pets with long hair do not resist brushing as they can be groomed with a sensation of being gently stroked.

Utilizing materials cultivated in nature without the use of pesticides, it provides reassurance even if pets lick or nibble on it.

The compact size is suitable for maintaining cashmere and woolen clothing, while the larger size can be employed for cleaning carpets and tatami mats.


Bundling by hand

Bundling by hand

place of production

○How to use

  • Gently stroke along the flow of the hair
  • Use your fingers to remove hair entangled in the bristles.


  • The soft bristles ensure the skin remains unharmed; however, when brushing around the face area, please proceed slowly and tenderly to prevent any contact with the eyes.
  • Refrain from placing the brush against the corners of a table or attempting to dislodge hair by stepping on the bristles. Such actions may cause damage to the bristle tips and hinder effective brushing.
  • Store the brush without putting stress on the bristles.It is advisable to hang or lay the brush against a wall or a surface with the bristles facing upwards. Store it in a well-ventilated and cool area.


  • Material: broom corn, silk thread 
  • Small: length 25cm × width 9 cm   (9.8” × 3.5”)
  • Medium: length 25cm × width 10 cm (9.8” × 3.9”)
  • Large: length 55cm × width 17.5cm(21.6” × 6.8”)

*Since the product is handmade, there may be slight differences in size between each product.


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