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Ai Kigoshi

"Hariko dog"

"Hariko dog"

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Glassware that draws you into another world inside the glass

  • Layers of colored glass are blown on top of each other, then sand-blasted to remove a thin layer of glass
  • Expressing a story based on the artist's own experience
  • All works are one-offs

This glass vessel is crafted through the artistry of sandblasting, a technique in which the glass surface is delicately abraded with fine grains of sand.

Each work is filled with stories and thoughts depicted by Ai Kigoshi, so please take a peek into this beautiful other world.

The "Hariko dog" is an ancient Japanese toy that symbolizes celebration of a child's birth and conveys wishes for their robust growth and protection from malevolent forces.              

This work is filled with a wish for the healthy growth of children.               

Artist Ai Kigoshi says,

I am interested in things like old customs and ethnography. Among them, imagery associated with celebrations and warding off evil is particularly conducive to being depicted on vessels. Unlike pottery, I am contemplating how to incorporate such imagery into glassware. I am mindful of capturing the mischievous charm of Hariko dog.


  • Size: diameter 7.5 × height 7.3 cm / 2.9” × 2.8”
  • Weight: 108 g / 0.24 lbs 
  • Technique: glassblowing / sandblasting / polishing
  • Material: glass


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