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Ai Kigoshi

"Little Red Riding Hood and wolf"

"Little Red Riding Hood and wolf"

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Glassware that draws you into another world inside the glass

  • Layers of colored glass are blown on top of each other, then sand-blasted to remove a thin layer of glass
  • Expressing a story based on the artist's own experience
  • All works are one-offs

This glass vessel is crafted through the artistry of sandblasting, a technique in which the glass surface is delicately abraded with fine grains of sand.

Each work is filled with stories and thoughts depicted by Ai Kigoshi, so please take a peek into this beautiful other world.

The work is an expression of the fairy tale "The little Red Riding Hood" with Kigoshi's inspiration.

The theme of little Red Riding Hood longing for another world and the price that comes with it depicts the girl's relentless spirit of adventure.

Artist Ai Kigoshi says,

Since childhood, I have held a fascination for narratives that have been handed down through the ages, such as folklore and mythology.  The well-known version of little Red Riding Hood, in which an innocent-hearted, little girl becomes wolf bait, is a showpiece and a lesson to the girls who are read to: don't approach the unprotected outside world or men.

 However, if you explore the original story, it is possible that it was the grandmother who made the fancy cape that no one in the village would wear, or that little Red Riding Hood itself actually wanted to go to the wolves.

What might have been the true nature of Little Red Riding Hood? Girls everywhere, ancient and modern, have always been curious, longing to go to unfamiliar places and see unfamiliar things.

 I do not intend to depict a pitiable Little Red Riding Hood. Therefore, the rendition I portray exudes an undaunted gaze, unafraid of the ominous. A girl who ventures forth with eyes ablaze, driven by the pursuit of what she desires to see. Perhaps, it is conceivable that the wolf might be the true victim in this narrative.

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  • Size: diameter 8.8 × height 8.5 cm / 3.5” × 3.3”
  • Weight: 183 g / 0.4 lbs 
  • Technique: glassblowing / sandblasting / polishing
  • Material: glass


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