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Ai Kigoshi

"Imaginary Friend"

"Imaginary Friend"

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Glassware that draws you into another world inside the glass

  • Layers of colored glass are blown on top of each other, then sand-blasted to remove a thin layer of glass
  • Expressing a story based on the artist's own experience
  • All works are one-offs

This glass vessel is crafted through the artistry of sandblasting, a technique in which the glass surface is delicately abraded with fine grains of sand.

Each work is filled with stories and thoughts depicted by Ai Kigoshi, so please take a peek into this beautiful other world.

Artist Ai Kigoshi says,

Fictitious friends in childhood are called imaginary friends. For some people, it may be a stuffed animal.

As a young girl, my daughter would come home from daycare and have a long talk with her imaginary friend in the bathroom every day. The imaginary friends also had names, and she drew pictures of them and explained what they looked like. It was really interesting to listen to the conversation as if they were really talking to each other. Such companions or figurines were perhaps once present in the lives of everyone, don't you think?

When I was little, they were my best friends, with whom I could understand everything, but before I knew it, I started playing with my real-life friends and gradually forgot about them, as a matter of course. As an adult, I occasionally think of those friends and think fondly, "Oh, the times we used to play together. And sadness overflows. The memory is sad and the pain is a bit like a biting sensation. My past self and my present self. This work expresses the natural growth and sadness.

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  • Size: diameter 8.7 × height 8.8 cm / 3.4” × 3.5”
  • Weight: 197 g / 0.43 lbs 
  • Technique: glassblowing / sandblasting / polishing
  • Material: glass


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