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Earth Watch

Earth Watch

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Simple design accented by a long blue second hand

A timepiece worn as an integral part of one's style, meant to be enjoyed for its exquisite design. The watch brand SPQR is a representative brand of Watch Planning Office Costante, which was established in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture in 2000 by Mr. Shinroku Shimizu, who was once involved in many product planning projects at Suwa Seikosha (currently Seiko Epson Corporation).

The Suwa area is known as the Switzerland of the East and is known for its precision instrument manufacturing, and there are many companies involved in watch design and manufacturing.

SPQR is characterized by a design that transcends trends, created by a team of experts in various fields working together. This watch is a rare piece produced in small quantities in Japan. One of the timeless pieces in the SPQR collection is Earth watch created by Takenobu Igarashi, a world-renowned artist.

Earth watch

A simple and beautiful watch with an earth blue second hand, representing the blue earth. It is equipped with a mechanical movement. The case is ø37mm in size for both men and women, with a skeletonized back.

The precise movement of the most important parts of a mechanical movement, such as the balance with hairspring can be enjoyed with the eye.

The dial comes in two colors, white and black. Watch bands can be selected from the following. 

  • Metal: 20 mm (0.79 ”) wide mesh band
  • Crocodile: Available in a range of colors from muted to vibrant.
  • Grosgrain: a grosgrain band made by Phoenix, a company with a factory in Wales that also supplies NATO troops.

From left to right: Metal → Crocodile  → Grosgrain

place of production


  • Driving method: Automatic with manual winding
  • Case outer diameter: 37 mm (1.46 ”)
  • Case thickness: 11.6 mm (4.57 ”)
  • Weight: case 55 g (0.12 lbs)
  • Material: <case>  Stainless steel / skeleton back cover <glass> Spherical sapphire glass
  • Water resistance: 5 atmospheres water resistant.
  • Driving time: approx. 42 hours
  • Accuracy: ±35 sec. per day
  • Country of Origin: Japan   


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Profile: Takenobu Igarashi

Takenobu Igarashi has worked as a graphic designer and created many VI plans for domestic and international clients. Representative works include Suntory Limited, Mitsui Bank and Tama Art University.

In 1994, he stopped his 25-year career as a designer and moved to Los Angeles to become a sculptor. After carving marble, he eventually discovered wood and clay (terra cotta), and returned to Japan in June 2004. In recent years, he has created many sculptures and reliefs in public spaces throughout Japan. Recently, he has also resumed design activities with a different perspective.

His representative works are in the permanent collections of more than 30 public museums around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and collections of his personal works have been published in Japan, China, Korea, Germany, and Switzerland to date. For his graphic and product design activities, he has received the Foreign Minister's Commendation, the Katsumi Masaru Award, the Mainichi Design Award, the IF Design Award, and the Good Design Award, among others.

He is currently a professor emeritus at Tama Art University.

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