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Kimono Fabric Clutch Bag

Kimono Fabric Clutch Bag

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A pop Japanese modern bag that also focuses on functionality

  • Made of high-grade hand-painted yuzen dyed furisode fabric
  • Lightweight and roomy, with a detachable chain
  • Japanese modern bag with pop kimono fabric


A clutch bag that can be carried casually in both Japanese and Western styles, and that is not just plain, but can also be a little bit unique. For those who are looking for such a bag, RITOFU clutch bags are recommended. They can be worn in a variety of situations, from casual to formal.

All bags are made of the finest furisode kimono fabric, dyed by hand by craftsmen. The fabric is also treated with a water-repellent finish and sewn in Japan. The design is decorated with "auspicious clouds," which are said to be an omen of good things to come, and is available in a total of seven colors that are pleasing to the eye.

The slightly rounded silhouette is lovely. The chain can be detached and hung from the shoulder to free up both hands, making it useful for parties with standing buffets.

And even though it is a clutch bag, it has a solid storage capacity and can hold all the essentials such as a smartphone, long wallet, business card holder, and lipstick, while being very lightweight.

This modern Japanese clutch bag is not only beautiful but also functional.

party scene

From daily use to party scene

sufficient storage capacity

Sufficient storage capacity

place of production


  • Size: 28 (11”) × 14 (5.5”) × 4 (1.6”) cm (in closed)
  • Weight: 183 g ( 0.4 libs)
  • Fabric material: silk


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