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Handmade Temari "Solid-colored Temari"

Handmade Temari "Solid-colored Temari"

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Delicate handwork in a small cotton ball

  • Art pieces handcrafted by skilled female artisans
  • Unusual solid-colored temaris with precise patterns
  • Available only in By Emotion International

In Japan, aristocratic women used to play with Temari, handmade handballs. Although we do not see such a scene now, The manufacturing process of them is carefully passed down from generation to generation.

The cotton threads are dyed with plants and trees, and each stitch which envelope the Temari warmly is creating a kaleidoscope of beauty. You can feel the warmth and richness born from the blessings of nature and handwork.

The Sanuki Kagari Temari atelier preserves the culture of Temari, which is disappearing from daily life, and adds new charm to it as a craft. We propose a new way to enjoy Temari in everyday life.

Originally, most Temaris are brightly colored, but to enjoy the exquisite patterns, we have prepared Temaris in solid colors for sale exclusively through By Emotion International.

Harvest yellow

A 92-faceted looped pattern in yellow dyeing. It is an auspicious motif that expresses the luckiness of things going well or continuing indefinitely.

Pure white

A pure and gentle Temari with 32 flowers made of white cotton threads.

Indigo blue

Even though it seems to be in a solid color, five Japanese traditional colors are used: asagi, nodo, hanada, navy blue, and kachiiro. This is a hana-temari using colored threads with beautiful names from ancient Japan.

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  • Material: rice husk, thin paper, cotton thread
  • Size:(Harvest yellow) diameter 9 × circumference 28 cm (3.5” × 11”) (Pure white) diameter 8.6 × circumference 27 cm (3” × 9.4”)  (Indigo blue) diameter 7.6 × circumference 24 cm (3.4” × 10.6”)
  • Accessories: paulownia wood box for storage, a ring for putting up a temari and some mini temaris


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