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Fusion of Japanese traditional techniques and Pokémon

Eievui expressed by Edo Kimekomi dolls.
Every detail of the doll was handcrafted by craftsmen through a process of trial and error. The chirimen stretched over the body is casually sprinkled with arare patterns in pursuit of cuteness. The charm of Eievui, a popular character among children, is brought out in this product.

Kimekomi dolls, which originated in the Edo period, are dolls produced by attaching cloth directly to the body of doll.
The body is made by filling a mold, which is a prototype of a carved wooden doll, with paulownia plastic, a mixture of mainly paulownia powder and Fu paste.

Mataro Dolls, established in 1919, carries on this traditional technique in the modern age.

©︎Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV Tokyo・ShoPro・JR Kikaku ©︎Pokémon


  • Size (doll) : height (not including ears) 10 × width 5 × depth 7 cm / 3.9” × 1.9” × 2.8”
    Width and depth are measured at the center of the bottom.
  • Size (stage) : 15 × 12 cm / 5.9” × 4.7” 


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