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White ROSE

Kate-ru 16 Cherry

Kate-ru 16 Cherry

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Pursuing durability and beauty, Japanese vinyl umbrellas that are not disposable

  • Special valve structure prevents being blown away even in strong winds.
  • A non-disposable vinyl umbrella that can be repaired and used for a long time.
  • Durable with 16 sturdy ribs, it's also large in size and suitable for any occasion.


White ROSE is a long-established umbrella manufacturer with a history of about 300 years, produces vinyl umbrellas that are both functional and beautiful.

This company is the pioneer of vinyl umbrellas, having been the first in the world to develop transparent film umbrellas.

The main feature of White ROSE umbrellas is the special valve structure (patented) that allows wind accumulated inside the umbrella to escape outward. It provides overwhelming durability, securely protecting against wind and rain without being affected by strong winds.

Another characteristic of vinyl umbrellas that should not be overlooked is their transparency. While many conventional vinyl umbrellas use polyvinyl chloride, White ROSE achieves a clearer transparency by using Olefin multilayer film. 

Vinyl umbrellas are popular for its high functionality and simple yet luxurious design. Among them, the "Kate-ru 16 Cherry" model features a sturdy structure with 16 ribs, using fiberglass material for the main and support ribs to pursue lighter weight. The handle is made of cherry wood, giving it a substantial feel.


  • Manual opening long umbrella
  • Color :Black, Navy, Olive
  • Weight: 570 g
  • Size: Diameter: approximately 108cm,
  • Total length: approximately 90cm. (42″ × 35″)
  • Ribs: Diameter 3 mm, 65 cm (made of FRP), 16 ribs
  • Center pole :Diameter 14 mm White Birch
  • Handle: Cherry (natural wood)
  • Main body: Polyolefin-based multilayer film
  • Bias part: 100% Polyester


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