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Makita Shoten

Anti-UV Rain & Sun Umbrella "Kirie Rose"

Anti-UV Rain & Sun Umbrella "Kirie Rose"

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An umbrella like cosmetics that makes your skin look beautiful

  • Umbrellas made with Jacquard weave dyed from the threads
  • A delicate design resembling paper cutting that brightens and beautifies the complexion
  • Umbrellas with waterproof, water-repellent, and UV-cut functions for use in both sunny and rainy weather

The beautiful woven fabric of this Makita Shoten umbrella is eye-catching and makes you look forward to rainy days.  

A series called Kirie that expresses delicate and beautiful designs using weaving, similar to paper cutting.It is renowned as an umbrella that enhances one's complexion.

When bathed in the light filtering through the woven umbrella, the transparency of the skin is accentuated by the light reflecting the fabric's color, resulting in a radiant and brighter complexion.

The flower of the rose and the branches and leaves drawn around it create a glamorous piece. The exquisite combination of vibrant and calming colors also exudes an elegant maturity, producing an adult's refinement.

While most umbrellas on the market are made of vinyl or printed materials, Makita Shoten's umbrellas are dyed from the threads and woven directly into the fabric using the Jacquard technique. Jacquard weave fabric is three-dimensional, glossy, and luxurious, and the difference between Jacquard weave and print is obvious.

Makita Shoten is the only company in Japan (and possibly the world) that can weave a free-form pattern that straddles the triangle of the umbrella.

The fabric is made of polyester, the same material used for ordinary rain umbrellas, and is post-processed to be waterproof, water-repellent, and UV-cut (over 90%), making it functional for use on both rainy and sunny days.

Designed to be delivered in a beautiful and unbreakable condition, the wrapping is full of elegance and is a great gift for your loved ones.

Nishikatsura Town, Yamanashi Prefecture

Nishikatsura Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, a leading textile production area

Carefully woven Jacquard fabric

Carefully woven Jacquard fabric

Waterproof, water-repellent, and UV-cut effects

Waterproof, water-repellent, and UV-cut effects

place of production


  • Stick
    Size: Canopy Diameter 95 × Length 91 cm  (37.4″ × 35.8″) 
    Weight: 360 g
    Material: <Fabric> 100% polyester, <Bone> Glass fiber / Aluminum, <Handle> bamboo 
  • Folding
    Size: Canopy Diameter 93 × Length 66 cm, Folded length 32 cm (36.6″ × 25.9″ / 12.6″)
    Weight: 290 g
    Material: <Fabric> 100% polyester, <Bone> Glass fiber / Aluminum, <Handle> bamboo 
  • UV protection (90% or more)


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